Monday, February 06, 2006

About this blog

If you're new to the blog and X-ray, I suggest starting from the first posts and working your way up. That way you can read how my experience of school and the direction of x-ray started. I also assume the reader has read earlier posts and can understand related terminology.

What is this blog about? It's about me primarily, a student of Radiologic technology in the Pacific Northwest. I tend to have a dead pan manner, which is seldom overtly humorous.

Twenty months ago I realized I needed to make a change. But I asked myself often, “What combines my skills and experience with my passion for serving others?” I have a background in graphics including photography and design. I've worked in retail for many years. I also taught preschool classes to very young children. My finance made the suggestion that I look into Radiologic Technology.

This path started when I went back to school for my prerequisites. Anatomy and physiology was very enjoyable; I had a superlative educator in my professor. I think many folks in mid-life are concerned about going back to school. Questions abound: How will I make time for other things besides work and school? I'm an artist. I take photos, record music and write. Having time to play is important.

What is more important is finding work that is challenging and rewarding. I interviewed several technologists. They all recommended the school I've been accepted to. I'm very exited to be in this position. The only draw back is that I needed to wait for a year. During that time I ended up taking College Algebra, Chemistry, and Physics. It was a blast. I kept sharp and learned valuable skills in problem solving. I also have foundation courses under my belt that might help if I choose to pursue higher education than an AS degree.

I volunteered in an x-ray department for nearly two years. It was fun but hard because I wanted to do the positioning! I did get a lot of experience in patient interaction though which was wonderful.

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