Sunday, April 13, 2008

More News From The Front

How do you sum up four months? I'm doing very well. I've had one job interview and another may be on the way. Both are happening and I'm not really trying to find a job just yet. Guys and gals, it pays to network. Buy a box of thank you cards. And be yourself.

I'm in my last quarter of school. Clinical is past the point of being very difficult. I know the protocols and blaze through them. I'm well liked by those around me. I guess one reason I haven't posted is that few like to read about how well things are going.

One area of growth has been in-patients. Often you try to get your 90 degree difference in views in situations less then optimal. I'm to the point where I plan how I'm going to do the exam as I'm wheeling the pt to the department. Sometimes the part of interest is flopped over. Case in point is a broken femur. You have to get very good at visualizing what you’re getting when you angle that tube in respect to the part and receptor; Like shooting a stretcher trans-shoulder t-spine: you try getting c7-t1 through Godzilla sometime.

Classes this quarter include review. I like learning new stuff more! I'm find I need a swift kick to the butt. I like school and clinical. The education coordinator at my hospital reminded me that the other students are impatient. Okay. I'm ready to slam the door on this sucker

I'm so grateful for the hospital experience I've had. It's been all inclusive and very comprehensive. I've seen the best and worst that humanity can bring to bear. Patients that in spite of the pain thank you for your effort on their behalf. I love my work.


At 8:57 PM, Blogger Gaile said...

How exciting that you're almost done, and looking for jobs, and the best part - that you love your job! that alone makes it all worth it. good luck with the job hunt - i hope you find something you love. I for one am more than happy to read how well it's going for you :)


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