Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Weeks of: 2007-08-06, 2007-07-30

Abstract: Not much to report

Mood: Happy

What went well: I'm putting it all together.

What needs work: Work on internalizing and synthesizing my experiences and education.

Elucidation: I've spent the last couple of weeks in the Ortho department. I've received several complements on my growth as a tech. I continue to work 10 hour shifts in the ER. This means fifty hour weeks are the norm.

Summer quarter is what my program would suggest is the “rubber meets the road” kind of experience. Where you take your education and experience and internalize and synthesize skills from it. I've worked very hard. I'm not going to write much this post as I need to devote my free time to fun stuff. More of a post next time is offered.

Goals for next weeks: Fill out my comps.


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