Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Well, I've learned the job market for RT's has tightened a bit. Mind you, the reason why I wanted to go into RT is that I'll love the work and the contact with new technologies. Most of all I expect to have fun. And I expect the field to provide me with challenges.

All that said, I have the expectation of immediate employment upon graduation. I certainly expect it to work out that way. I'm curious what you think.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm In!

I've just returned from the orientation for first year students granted acceptance. I start the BCC RT program in July. The program director made it clear that we should expect excellence from our program and he expected nothing less from us. Gulp. He divided us into two sections according to our residential locations in WA State.

I've been volunteering at an x-ray department for eighteen months. It was fun but hard because I wanted to do the positioning! I did get a lot of experience in patient interaction. I'm very excited to be finally Starting my program.

I wanted to follow up and say that I ended up taking College Algebra, Chemistry, and Physics. It was a blast. I kept sharp and learned valuable skills in problem solving.

I also have foundation courses under my belt that might help if I choose to pursue higher education than an AS degree. Thanks to everyone who's helped me along the way. Hi J!