Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fall Quarter Wrap Up

What went well:
Overall, the quarter went well. I achieved most of the objectives I set up for myself. My quarterly GPA is around 3.8. I archived most of the objectives set up for me by the school. I began to feel that I was participating on a higher level with some techs.

Patients and techs told me privately that I have good patient care skills. One of my instructors noted that my comfort and confidence level seemed to be getting better with techniques, exams and patients.

I enjoyed clinical. I put a lot into it. I got what I put in. I set my goals high and I was able to reach most of them. I always tried to inject a high level of enthusiasm.

What didn't:
Due to my reserved nature I tended to sit on my hands occasionally. This isn't really a problem as I made a conscious effort to compensate. Just something I need to pay attention to. I need to be more proactive in my approach to learning.

I didn't have many personality conflicts with anyone. But I did fail to speak up for myself.

Again, overall I did very well. If I had to do it all over again I would chose to be a little more assertive in my own learning process.

RT students live in glass houses. We really don't find a benefit in correcting techs when they do things that are different or in conflict to what we were taught. What you find is that there are multitudinous ways to successfully complete an exam. However when it comes to patient safety we need to speak up.

I talked to my education coordinator about this issue and she was quick to offer her support as mediator to staff technologists when needed. Hopefully that will never happen.

Some Goals for Winter quarter:

Increase my level of confidence.
I want to take more initiative in my learning process.
I want to improve my anticipation of patient care and comfort.
Improve the selection of techniques.
Increase my level of independent work.
Reduce the number of retakes.
Increase speed during exams.
I want to stand up for my self when appropriate.
Improve interpersonal skills with patients and staff.