Sunday, March 04, 2007

Wicked Snowstorm

Week of: 2007-02-26

Abstract: A wicked snowstorm invades the convergence zone; OR rotation: Week Two

Mood: Happy, yet pensive

What went well: Nearly everything

What needs work: I suppose I'm right where I should be but I could be more proactive.

Elucidation: It snowed all evening Wednesday. The commute home from school was time consuming. All the area streets were clogged with spin outs.

On Thursday day morning I awoke to easily the most snow I've seen all season. I had drifts that were over eight inches high. Some of you will think: so what's the big? Yo, I live in a marine area. Fortunately the phenomenon was isolated to the county in which I live. So the greater area was not adversely effected. Which meant of course that my school was open; I need to get to clinical or make up the day. Yuck.

The commute was difficult to say the least. It took nearly three hours. Everyone was gracious about my tardiness. My feelings of stress dissipated quickly. So did the snow so I was able to get home from clinical quickly.

I did my first wrist exam in the OR. I was pretty nervous. I've been trying to learn the locks on the C-arms during the quiet moments. But you know how first timers sometimes get when their on stage. My advice: calm down. The tech I was with made subtle adjustments to my technique and positioning.

My positioning instructor has pointed out that OR techs should wear leaded glasses. She qualified this with no numbers but suggested the the longer duration and lack of shielded area creates higher rad exposures. She said, "The cornea is exceptionally sensitive to radiation."

I've noticed the glasses I want cost about $200. Hey, it costs money to look cool. These expensive specs seem prudent as I'll be working in the OR for 40 hour weeks at times this summer. Maybe I can talk to financial aid about funding a pair of leaded glasses.

We covered bony thorax positioning and grids in lecture. Next up, the skull.

Everyone have a great week!

Goals for next week:
Relax into being more proactive.

Take the opportunities the techs present and ask more often to practice during procedures.

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