Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Dog Days of Spring

Weeks of:

Things find their own level like water in a basin. The dog days of spring.

Scattered - after studying electrical theory for three hours.

What went well:
I've made very few comps, but I've learned a lot about myself

What needs work:
I need to improve my skills in dealing with sarcastic and condescending criticism.

I've felt more focused in my school work. I've done very well in the tests so far. It's interesting how each facet of life is experienced as ebb and flow. It's helps to be assertive and work hard, but to also accept what the world sends you.

I've spent the last three weeks in the ER, something I enjoy doing very much. The vibe, and energy combine for exciting work. Helping people in various stages of life and injury.

But I think we all can agree that who your tech is for the day can dictate how you perceive your developmental self esteem. Call me a wimp. But I don't do well when someone in a supervisory roll uses me as their cat toy, to bat around. A tech, I'll call her Casper, would smile as she said, “You've been here long enough to know better.” The tone of voice was like acid. There were several moments like this.

For most of them I remained silent, Nodding in agreement. But it's difficult when you know down to your socks that there are many ways to look at the issue. I didn't take it well. Primarily because I feel that there's good teaching and not so good. I've said this before: What needs to understood is that these people, the technologists, aren't trained teachers. I would never act like that to a student.

The clinical coordinator at the hospital said as much after she asked who the individual was. She said things that I knew but it helped to hear them, “Casper is a real bitch.”
“I don't use that word.” I said.
“But it's true. She is a very moody person. You need to realize that this isn't about you. She's having her moment of dominance at your expense. But if it wasn't you, it would be some one else. So don't take it personally.”

I agreed to let it go. That decision is where my power is. I spoke to one of my buddies and she said to let in fall off my back, to not take it personally. I'm good at doing that sort of thing. I never looked at the tech's comments like attacks.

This week reminds me of something a student told me before I was in an x-ray program. This in response to my question: “What are the keys to clinical success.”

Show up
Be honest
Be humble
Take direction
Be Assertive
Learn from past actions

I'm in ortho next week. Every one: stay in touch.

Goals for next week:
Improve my interactions
Earn Eight comps.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring quarter starts with a bang, I mean a rush

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Spring quarter starts with a bang, I mean a rush.

Stressed, yet happy

What went well:
I feel my confidence level soaring

What needs work:
I need to be better with techniques.

Does it seem like I say the same thing every time in the intro segments? I think so. Anyway, I've been finding the new quarter to be the one where I find my feet. The development seems agonizing slow at times and I'm quick to loose patience with myself.

I did quite well over the last two weeks. I already have as many comps this quarter than for all of Winter. I started and ended a full trauma Cervical and Thoracic spine series. It's more challenging because you can't use the bucky since the pt is on a backboard. The oblique radiographs are ugly as sin, because the vertebral bodies are all stretched out laterally. I nailed every shot!

And I would have been happy as I thought I was making pretty good time. But the pt's nurse came in and asked, “What's taking so long?” She smiled when she said it. I told her that I'm a student of radiography and the seemed to satisfy her. It may see like a modest step but I feel it's a leap mentally.

What predicated this was a moment with a supervisor week one. He asked me if I'd seen anything interesting. I said I'd seen a RUG, Retrograde Uerethrographic exam.

He said, “See, Did Do!”

What he meant is this clinical experience is what I make of it. I need to go into every exam with the thought that I'll make some contribution. It might be setting up the supplies including contrast. So I've taken the concept to heart.

I took it upon myself to do several portable exams solo. This was a little stressful as I didn't have the usual support. I had to CXR a 500 pound guy! But I asked the nurse for help and got it going and nailed the shot.

I slipped over to CT during a slow moment in trauma. They were doing an abdomen scan on a young man. I overheard the words, “multiple gun shot wounds” and “multiple surgeries.” The scout lateral of his addomen was aquired and the tech said, “When is he expecting?” Because of how distended the man's abdomen was it looked like a pregnancy.

What really flipped me out was seeing the axial image of what was causing the distention. His colon was completely external to the peritoneum. Sheesh! Not a good thing. Can you say massive histamine reaction? Loop upon loop, layer upon layer laid to waste.

Thursday was a tough day. I'm a feeling kind of guy. One woman was D.O.A and I happened to observe. I need to look at my emotional reactions that is, don't react emotionally to extreme cases. It's no wonder the people in those areas are cracking jokes all the time.

I need to regain my sense of urgency for school work. Clinical is great, show up, work hard, kick ass. School is harder to stay motivated. But I'm trying to get into labs and groups more often. I'll let you know.

Goals for next week:
Stay more physically and emotionally balanced.
Continue to work on techniques and confidence

Friday, April 06, 2007

Winter quarter Wrap Up

Abstract: Winter quarter ends in a blaze comp collecting fury, sort of...

Mood: Silly, slightly guilty

What went well: I gained confidence in most areas. I found new confidence in standard radiography.

What needs work: My selection of techniques to limit patient exposure.

Elucidation: Has this blog faded? No, at least not intentionally. I've very busy with school. I became ill with some brand of flu. My computer died. Getting sick the last two weeks of the semester will adverely affect your GPA.

In any case, Winter was a process. I burned out because of lack of sleep. I'm doing okay now.

A process because I began to see my self as tech. I built on knowledge of techniques and postioning.

Goals for Spring Quater:
Work harder; rest more
Become more proactive: go into new experiences with the intent to participate fully
Act with more confidence