Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh Summer, You're now just a memory

Quarter of: Summer 2007

Abstract: Summer Quarter Wrap Up, Happy Autumn to all!

Mood: Alert and Cheerful

What went well: I really got a handle on the big picture.

What needs work: Efficiency. Making exams quicker.

Elucidation: I worked very hard during Summer quarter. I want to remind everyone that I was in clinical for eleven 40 hour weeks. Working for free is always easier if you think in terms of offering in an attitude of service. See an earlier post for more.

There was no scholastic material to memorize. The time consisted of bringing up my skill and professional behavior to the next level. I started more multiple exams: where I might to c-spine, fingers to shoulders, & feet to hips.

I sped the time up for exams, increased my accuracy, and took on more responsibility with portables. Personalities played less of a role for me because I was able to raise the level of independent work.

In short, I felt the distance to the goal shorten. Summer was a watershed experience, one I will remember for the rest of my life. Fall quarter starts tomorrow.

Goals for next quarter: Continue my development on all fronts.